Dear Gov. Hochul,

I read that you have expressed “New York’s ‘unwavering support for Israel.’” (https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/hochul-said-synagogues-community-centers-get-18413700.php)

As a New Yorker with strong ties to the Jewish people, I entreat you to speak in support of peace and human rights, not Israel.

Madam Governor, I miss my Jewish former in-laws a great deal. On Saturday morning, I was very worried for a Jewish friend, who might have been in Israel, and for his family. I have far less connection to the Palestinian people.

Nevertheless, your statement supporting Israel does not reflect my views as your constituent, nor would supporting Israel’s antagonists. Furthermore, I think it highly inappropriate for the State of New York to have its own foreign policy, even if that policy currently seems to be aligned with national policy.

I will post my view of war in general at the top of my blog at proudfatherofnone.org. However, my personal view is not important to your decision. The fact that our state contains a wide diversity of opinions and that crafting foreign policy does not fall within the purview of the office of our state’s governor requires that you not support Israel in its war.

Beyond that, a pragmatic view of the situation tells me that friends of Israel who refrain from needlessly taking sides in the current war will be far better positioned to support the restoration of peace and to speak with moral authority against those who would vilify Israel and lionize Hamas.

As a Democrat and a New Yorker, Madam Governor, I am at your service. I write to inform you that you are making a serious mistake. I hope that this information will be of use to you. Thank you for your work and your time.

Your ally in support of peace,

P.S. As I might have expected, “Foreign Policy” did not appear in the list of topics for messages addressed to you through your online contact form. (https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form) I made the topic “Homeland Security,” because if you are gratuitously allying the State of New York with a combatant state in a foreign war, you may be creating a risk of violent reprisal within the borders of our state. Thank you again for your time.