Could Childfree Leaders Please Support Childfreedom?

The children in Afghanistan still starve,
Their parents down to single kidneys now,
So winter will them take this year unless
The rich their toys do set aside at last
And open hearts and wallets for the poor.
So generous the rich can claim to be,
But Earth its life is shedding fast because
The child of wealth displaces other life
So far beyond what poor kids ever could
That sparing Earth the drain from one more Rich
Offsets a couple hundred poor Abduls.
Pope Francis still the childfree life does scorn.

John Oliver reported on the plight of the people of Afghanistan last night.

Our Hope in Present Times

Some godly people want a brutal world.
They push on people procreation hard.
When people grow in number, scarcity
Is what results, as night does follow day.
Involuntary population culls
Then happen right on cue, no matter what.
These godly people are consistent, friend,
Supporting war and gun rights down the line.
These godly people band together tight,
So brutal times kill others, leaving them.
And God, His victory is won at last.
May other godly people stop this now.

Stentor, as Usual

Stentor is across the street again,
Bellowing about the lake of fire
In an attempt to dominate the people
Lined up in their cars
With windows up
And air conditioning on,
Radios, too, probably,
Over—wait for it—
Women’s rights,
Rather than the end of humanity
Being wrought
By the burning of fossil fuels,
Among many other profligacies.

I think of going over and asking him
What he thinks of my idea
To charge the inseminators
A fraction of what they would have paid
In child support if their creation
Had been born, not aborted,
To encourage being even more careful
And to give foster children a grubstake
As they leave the system
And enter the wider world.

I decide not to.
With his clear love
Of domination perversion,
He must worship one of the smaller gods,
Who spread rumors of lakes of fire
But can manage no more
Than a slightly overheated pond
Or a cup of tea
You need to blow on first
And, more to the point, heavens
Packed to the rafters
With people like Stentor.
I wouldn’t wish a heaven like that
On Stentor himself.

I think it’s too bad,
Once no deliberate action
Is needed to make a child arise,
To end the chance of it.
I also think that pregnant people
Must control their own bodies
And that outlawing abortion
Will only drive it underground,
Killing pregnant people.

Stentor and I do have common ground:
His lower sign predicts
Woe to those
Who call evil good
And good evil.
He seems to hope for the woe.
I see from him
That the woe’s already baked in.

God Thaw the Christicles

God thaw the Christicles, the snowbound folk
With ice-jammed hearts and eyelids frozen shut.
They worship men who, disregarding Paul,
Owned slaves, whose teeth their favorite bought and took.
The churches fill with people who beseech
You make them rich, though Christ Himself was clear:
You welcome not folk who luxuriate
While any die for want of means to live.
They eat the seed corn gleefully as if
Their cleverness had made them death repeal.
Oh God, please thaw the Christicles before
They starve the Afghans. That would be the end.

Here is a discussion of the purchase of teeth from people enslaved by George Washington.

Here is a story from Sky News about people in Afghanistan selling their kidneys and children to feed their families. 

Safety Is Dangerous (America in Afghanistan and the Ecological Crisis)

To keep from being evil, you must be

A person who can lose and walk away.

But have you seen a `mer`can prison, man?

So as to keep us utterly all safe,

We torture people whom we fear or scorn.

And just like `mer`can fools, the humans all

Will not a wolf’s or lion’s life condone

Lest any person die who could have lived.

But why stop there? The grass might suffer blight.

Let’s kill the crawly things that live in it.

The problem is that even if you hate

The crawly things, you need them to survive.

You’ll die before the last one of them does.

It’s every empire dies through saving lives

And keeping privileged ones all safe and warm.